The long term experience in the industrial research and the involvement of high level academic competences make us confident in the capability of facing most complex and demanding engineering projects. In particular, ASTARTE offers its competences to assist the customers in advanced assessment.

  • Fitness-For-Service (FFS) and Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA): tolerability of defects under combined loading, ageing, creep and fatigue as per API 579, BS7910, DNV-OS-F101, DNV-RP-F108
  • ductile fracture propagation along pipelines for natural gas transportation: ISO 3183 Annex G, DNV-OS-F101. CO2 transportation pipelines: DNV-RP-J202
  • leak and rupture, buckling, corrosion, and collapse of pipelines, as per DNV-OS-F101, DNV-RP-F101, API1111, CSA-Z662.