The use of numerical tools for fluid dynamic modeling is essential to achieve a detailed analysis of complex systems. ASTARTE engineers make use of the most acknowledged Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications for simulating the evolution of realistic scenarios of interest, such as industrial plants, buildings and environment. Steady state and transient phenomena are modeled as well as phase change, heat exchange, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), erosion, etc. Dedicated models are developed, validated and implemented in the computation through dedicated customized routines.



Three-dimensional fluid dynamics analysis of a partially opened swing check valve in different operating conditions.

  • valve motion evaluated by accounting for the flow effect and the gravity forces;
  • automatically deforming mesh adapting to the valve swinging;
  • influence of the condensate phase and of the inert sand particles simulated through a particle tracking model;
  • particle erosion effect evaluated through a devoted model