CFD analysis of a swing check valve

Evaluation of the fluid dynamics phenomena occurring in a swing check valve installed along a 36in diameter off-shore pipeline carrying Lean Natural Gas. Water suspension and dispersed sand particles are also present.

CFD simulations have been carried out to investigate the interaction between the flow and the valve disk at different flow rate and to define the flow field in the position resulting from specific operating conditions.
Mesh_all            Geom_valve








Aim of the project: Fluid dynamic analysis of a swing check valve in a set of specified operating conditions.


  • a valve shape 3D modeling is carried out by recurring to about 1.7mln volume cells;
  • fluid-structure interaction is taken into account for through an ad hoc C‑script, specifically developed.
  • the valve motion is evaluated taking account of flow and gravity forces and a dynamic equilibrium is solved each time step to find the actual angular velocity of the valve.
  • the evolution of the condensate phase and of the inert sand particles is simulated through a particle tracking model. The erosion generated by the collision with the valve components is simulated through a devoted erosion model.

Basing on the operating conditions, the clapper equilibrium positions of the disk are modeled under the given operating scenarios. The erosion phenomena throughout the valve is evaluated and the erosion rate distribution estimated for each valve component.