Structural assessment of a EFB tablet support for Boeing B777 cockpit


Evaluation of the structural behavior of the pilot’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) support to be installed on the B777 plane cockpit. The device consists of a mechanism holding a Microsoft Surface Pro 3® digital tablet and allowing it to convert from Landscape to Portrait configuration and vice versa.

The device has been designed and manufactured by Navaero.


Customer: Meridiana Maintenance SpA


Aim of the project: support the qualification process of the device through a numerical assessment aimed at verifying the structural integrity when operated under extreme accelerations, in accordance to the EASA Certification Specification CS-25 (Annex to ED Decision 2015/019/R).

The qualification process is managed by Meridiana Maintenance SpA.




  • Finite Element model is set up. Each component is accurately modeled and material properties assigned.
  • The contact behavior algorithm allows to accurately take into account the reciprocal interaction of all movable components as in the specified loading scenario.
  • External loads are imposed to represent severe accelerations along three main directions, both positive and negative versus.

The resulting stress and strain fields are mapped throughout the model, thus allowing assessing the assembly, the integrity and the safety. Critical regions are identified.
















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