ASTARTE makes available its competences on energy area to improve the performances, optimize the efficiency and assess the pollutant production of industrial plants.

Industrial plants

The recourse to numerical tools allows modeling the thermodynamic and fluid dynamic processes involved representing a strategic option to address a large number of technical issues. Among most relevant: the design of components, optimization of existing plants, evaluation of the pollutant emissions by industrial process, e.g. combustion and dispersion analyses , etc.



Some examples of our offer include:

  • optimization of the combustion process inside burners for energy generation
  • design of blade profile in wind turbines by pursuing the maximum performance
  • spray and soot evolution in combustion engines
  • pollutants production in combustion processes
  • contaminant dispersion produced by industrial processes
  • analysis of the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers
  • assessment of the structural capacity of components subjected to heavy thermic and dynamic loads.




The development of innovative solutions to improve the energetic efficiency of buildings is a consolidated trend and it poses technological challenges both in the production of high-performance materials and in the setup of advanced solutions for construction.

In this frame, the recourse to CFD tools provides an essential contribution. It allows modeling the thermal dispersion of buildings under different scenarios and it supplies the designer with reliable indications about the beneficial effects of adopting innovative solutions or materials. Besides, the structural verification of the components is performed by means of FE analysis to ensure that the required load bearing capacities are achieved.