The long term experience in the industrial research and the involvement of high level academic competences make us confident in the capability of facing most complex and demanding engineering projects.

Design and innovation

ASTARTE provides specialized skills to assist engineering problems in a wide range of fields. Thanks to the development of accurate models, the operation of mechanical components and industrial processes is simulated under specific configurations and conditions. The analysis and interpretation of the outcomes supports the design optimization and drives technical innovation.

  • structural assessment and analysis: strain/load capability, fatigue
  • thermal analysis
  • aerodynamic and fluid dynamic loads
  • fluid to structure interaction, erosion
  • dynamic analysis of structures
  • aeroacoustics

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Codes for quality control are usually based on best workmanship criteria which can be somehow arbitrary and/or over‑conservative. FFS assessment provides quantitative indication of the structural integrity of a defective component against various failure modes and allows evaluating its serviceability.

Engineering Critical Assessment. ECA is a fitness-for-service analysis based on fracture mechanics approach. It is aimed at assessing whether a defect of a given shape and size is susceptible to failure when subjected to specific loading conditions. ECA can support operators in the decision-making procedures with indications about the need for repairing and for any mitigating countermeasure to be undertaken for assuring adequate safety levels.

ASTARTE offers ECA service in accordance to most acknowledged standards and methodologies, such as API 579, BS7910, DNV-OS-F101 and DNV-RP-F108.