The application of advanced tools for investigating the environmental impact of anthropic activities, accidental events and natural phenomena is of great relevance in defining safe conditions/areas and to assess the societal risk.

Thanks to the embedded competences and technologies, ASTARTE takes advantage of CFD and FEA tools for modeling fluid dynamic and structural phenomena involved in the environmental investigations and to achieve reliable predictions in terms of consequences for the environment, organisms and population.

River_contour2_01Some of our capabilities:

  • structural integrity of critical components
  • single/multi-phase fluids analysis
  • hash/contaminant dispersion in the atmosphere and in water
  • combustion and thermal effects
  • gas escape from pressurized vessels/pipelines: leaking, bursting
  • evolution of gases into liquid
  • non-conventional fluid (e.g. CO2 based mixtures) behavior
  • environmental acoustic analysis through experimental and numerical tools