From idea to prototype

The development of an innovative product requires carrying out a number of steps including the idea setup, the feasibility analysis, the benchmarking, the prototyping, testing, and others.

The traditional “trial-and-error” development process implies large efforts and expenses in terms of time, money and human resources. Moreover, it does not imply the achievement of the required performances in sure times.

Thanks to its large experience in R&D, ASTARTE proposes a numerical-experimental integrated solution, which accelerates the innovating processes, by minimizing the development time and costs.

The virtual lab

An expert use of FEA and CFD modeling technologies allows building a Virtual Laboratory for exploring and optimizing the product performances well before prototyping:

  • idea validation
  • geometry, materials, operating conditions
  • performance testing
  • optimization of functional parameters


Once virtually pre-designed, the prototype is physically constructed and subjected to experimental testing for the validation of the expected performances. At this stage, some minor and practical adjustment are implemented.


FEA and CFD virtual modeling allow evaluating and optimizing the performance of the prototype by varying the relevant parameters: geometry, materials, operating conditions, etc.
A preliminary, though reliable project is therefore achieved.


A physical and functional prototype basing on the preliminary project and by making use of modern technologies for rapid prototyping. The traditional trial-and-error approach is therefore avoided. Reduced times, low costs.


The prototype is tested in the laboratory and under controlled conditions. Results confirm the expected performance and validate the numerical models used for product development. The Virtual Lab is therefore a robust system for final design.


Through the use of Virtual Lab technologies, you can further optimize the product, study its behavior in different scenarios, evaluate other applications and improvements