ASTARTE is a cluster of high profile engineers with heterogeneous and complementary expertise. Long-term experience in industrial research, structural integrity and FEA, fluid dynamics and CFD, technical assessment and experimental activities. Wide background of academic competences.
Multidisciplinarity is the main asset.

Francesco Cambuli


Assistant professor of Turbomachinery at the University of Cagliari. Expertise in the field of experimental and numerical fluid dynamics. Skills in numerical methods, acoustics and computational aeroacoustics. Abilities in using DAQ boards in several software environment for flow measurements in laboratory facilities and on field. Main subjects of research are: turbomachinery design, renewable energy, acoustical measurements, energy management.

Andrea Meleddu

Technical & Commercial Manager

Technical management, sales, communication and marketing. Project development: planning, coordination, customer care and follow-up. Development of new business opportunities and strategic partnerships. Technical background on structural integrity, fluid dynamics, experimental testing, materials.

Jan Ferino

Structural Analyst

FEA modeling of metal-forming processes, plastic deformation, thermal and thermomechanical processes. Stress analysis, stress-/strain-based fatigue assessment. Modeling of thermal-structural behavior of plants, components and materials. Experience in oil&gas industry, i.e: plastic deformation, collapse of tubular structures, pipe-to-soil interaction, strain-based design Experimental testing. EU projects coordinator.

Marco Bertoli

Fluid Dynamics

Numerical CFD and experimental methods. Combustion, internal flows, aerodynamics, environmental dispersion of pollutants. Expertise in biomed/vascular 3D modeling and simulation. Modeling, analysis and optimization of heat exchange processes. Development of ad hoc numerical tools, e.g.: real fluids, natural gas mixtures, CO2 based mixtures. Experimental testing.

ASTARTE is a spin-off of the University of Cagliari (Italy) and it takes advantage of a tight connection to the Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering.

The Department incorporates academic skills of the first rank and offers competences representing the state-of-the-art in a wide range of scientific and technological fields. Moreover, it makes disposal of facilities for material testing, non-destructive inspection, fluid/thermodynamics, aeroacoustics.

The synergic cooperation with the University is a strategic asset for ASTARTE as it integrates the capabilities and widen the service offering, thus enhancing the competitiveness.


The expertise is our capital. The joint contribution of industrial background and academic competences allows us to operate in a wide range of technical areas. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, we support our customers and partners with prompt, reliable and effective solutions.


Astarte aims at consolidating in the scenario of high value added consultancy companies. We strongly believe that our flexibility and highly experienced skills are well effective in supporting the development of competitive solutions in all technological fields.


Each customer brings in its unique load of needs, difficulties and expectations. We acknowledge this point as the keystone of our activity and we address our efforts in the development of tailored strategies to assist innovation, design and assessment.