Metalworking processes

The customer
International leader in the production of steel ropes for civil applications, transportation, oil & gas, industrial hauling&lifting.

Scope of Work
Optimization of the drawing process for the production of steel wires.

At a glance
Cold drawing is a mechanical process that allows to produce steel wires with high mechanical performance. An incorrect plant setup can cause wires to break during processing, unsatisfactory production timing and low performance of the rope in operation. ASTARTE has undertaken the  process optimization through numerical simulations and experimental validation tests in the laboratory and in the plant. The model is based on FEA technologies and takes into account the geometries of the dies, the speed of the process, the thermal field from friction and plastic deformation. In addition, ad hoc routines describe the evolution of the  material ductility.

The application of the model allows to

  • develop steel wires with higher mechanical performance
  • predict the performance of the wire produced
  • improve the productivity of the plant