Structural verification of a device for aeronautical applications

The customer
Italian airline active in national and international air transportation.

Scope of work
Structural integrity assessment of a tablet holder device subjected to high dynamic loads.

At a glance
In the aeronautical field, the integration of new devices in the equipment of aircraft requires that very stringent requirements are achieved to ensure structural integrity even in very severe load conditions, such as those that are realized during an emergency landing. The case of interest regards a device for housing the tablet containing the nautical charts. Thanks to a special mechanism, the device switch the tablet from landscape to portrait according to the needs of the pilot. The entire system also includes the fixing frame to the dashboard.

ASTARTE developed the numerical model of the device and simulated dynamic tests with accelerations above 9g oriented according to all the main directions X, Y and Z.

The results ascertained that the system offers adequate resistance to stresses arising from high dynamic loads.